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About Us

Gaver & Magariel was founded in New York City in 2012 with the understanding that learning requires more than dedication and hard work. It takes trust, inspiration, and communication. This is why Gaver & Magariel focuses on cultivating a personal relationship with each student in addition to academic excellence. Our team of tutors, who all hold years of experiencing teaching privately and at the university level, deeply understand that the key to successful learning is often dialogue. All questions and concerns are met with the patience, creative solutions, and enthusiasm that students need to remember and apply their knowledge after we leave. With this approach, our tutors are overtime able to minimize the amount of instruction a student requires. Simply put: it is our mission to work ourselves out of a job.

It is a testament to our performance, attention, and discretion that until April of 2019, Gaver & Magariel referrals spanned the country yet were exclusively word-of-mouth. As a team of a dozen tutors, we served the specifics needs of innumerable students since our inception. Today, as we open a new chapter of growth, we offer our expertise, guidance, and insight to families outside of our network.

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