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Admissions Coaching

Gaver & Magariel guides families through the high school and college application process. More complicated than simply grades and standardized test scores, early planning ensures readiness in advance of the process actually beginning.

As a college admissions consultant, we provide counseling and strategizing during freshman and sophomore years. Come junior and senior years, we transition into our signature college counseling program, which focuses on:

  • academic interests

  • course selections

  • extracurriculars

  • summer activity applications

  • college lists and tours

  • letters of recommendation

  • résumé guidance

  • personal statement and supplemental essay support

  • application review

  • interview preparation

  • decision support

Gaver & Magariel’s emphasis on narrative is one of the reasons for its students’ successful performance with college admission applications. We work with students on personal statement and supplemental essay brainstorming, construction, editing, paying particular attention to the need for students to highlight both their academic and emotional lives. Our mantra?  Show don’t tell.

Our students have been accepted to: Princeton University, Brown University, Washington University, Brandeis, University of Pennsylvania, New York University, Lafayette, Vassar, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Bard, Middlebury, Yale, UC Berkeley, Skidmore, UC Santa Barbara, Tufts, Vanderbilt, and St. Andrews, among others.



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